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On this page, we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our procedures for COVID-19. If you have further questions regarding our procedures, please contact Coach Tom at    


What are the procedures for entering and leaving the facility?  Please do not allow your child to enter the facility if they are not feeling well or are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms.  Please arrive to your child's class approximately 5 minutes before the class starts.  Toddlers do not need to wear masks.  Preschool and recreational aged children - please have your child wear a mask and bring their own water bottle.  Through the end of June, all children (other than toddlers) will wear masks when entering the facility.  Starting in July, if your child is fully vaccinated, please verify with Tom and they will not need to wear a mask during their class. 


As of May 19, 2021, our lobby is open for parents who want to watch their children.  Fully vaccinated adults do not need to wear a mask in the lobby.  If you are not comfortable being in the lobby, we have made significant upgrades to our wifi, so you should be able to access the web anywhere in the parking lot.     


What happens if my child doesn't feel well during their class?  If your child starts to feel unwell during their class, we will call you to pick them up.  Please keep your phones on so that we can reach you.    


Will my child wear a mask?  Through the end of June, children will wear masks in the facility.  Starting July 1, if your child is fully vaccinated, they will no longer need to wear a mask.  

Do the coaches spot the children?  Yes, our coaches do spot the children.  


How do you social distance?  We have limited the number of classes and the number of children in each class in order to keep the children at a distance from each other in class.  

What are your cleaning procedures?  We have 9 hand sanitizing stations throughout the gym.  The equipment is cleaned throughout the day.   

How do you clean the foam pit?  At this time, the foam pits are covered and are not available for use during classes.    





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